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Carver Dental Receives Community Service Award | Chaska News

Dr. Adam Holder, founder and owner of Carver Dental, calls it “an honor” that his company was named the Greg Osterdyk Community Service Award winner in Carver.

“It’s awesome,” Holder said Tuesday, the day after the city council announced the winner. “When I came to town there were a lot of people in town who supported me to start here. I got to know a lot of them personally and one of them was Greg Osterdyk .

“He was one of the first people I met in town through the Carver Lions,” Holder said of the former mayor and community activist who died in 2019. “He was kind of a legend of Carver, so this award is very special.”

Holder and his wife Kelsey have two children, Myla and Foster. Holder is an Air Force veteran who moved to Carver in 2015 and opened his dental practice in Carver in 2017.

“I’m a small town guy (Aitkin, Minnesota) and community service is how I was raised; that’s the way it should be done,” he said. “The more you give, the more you receive. The community supports us and we support the community.

Lori Osterdyk, Greg’s wife, called Carver Dental’s community service “phenomenal” when she announced the company as the winner at the January 3 town council meeting.

She cited Dental’s commitment to educating children about dental hygiene, providing free dental care to veterans and other acts.

“They exude small-town Carver charm,” she said, adding that the company’s efforts “exemplify tremendous service to the community.”

Several years ago, the city created a community service award designed to recognize the time, support, service and dedication that individuals and organizations give to the community. In 2019, the awards program was named after Osterdyk in recognition of his long service to the community.