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Busey named recipient of 2022 Community Service Award

Above / Naperville is home to two Busey Bank locations, one at Main and Water streets in downtown Naperville and another at Naperville Plaza. Last week, Busey was honored by the Illinois Bankers Association for his community involvement and stewardship. Additionally, Busey Bank operates with 63 branches in 45 different cities and towns across the state of Illinois. The bank also has 19 other offices in three states.

CHAMPAGNE, ill. / Busey is proud to announce that he has been named the recipient of the 2022 Community Service Award by the Illinois Bankers Association and was honored at the IBA’s annual conference on June 9 in Springfield, Illinois.

The IBA Community Service Award honors financial institutions that go “the extra mile” in community service. Three awards are presented annually to financial institutions that demonstrate a high level of service to their communities and honor an institution’s entire portfolio of community service projects, not just a single project.

The ‘Busey’ pickup truck sculpture is one of 16 eye-catching works of art now dotting the downtown Naperville landscape for summer 2022.

“Busey is truly honored to receive this award,” said Amy Randolph, Busey’s Chief of Staff and Executive Vice President, Pillar Relations. “We are passionate about helping our communities through a number of initiatives and strive to be a true community partner and steward. It is especially gratifying to be recognized by our peers at the IBA for the impact our associates have in their communities.

Busey’s appointment hinged on four initiatives that highlight his powerful displays of community engagement:

  • Busey shows generosity: a campaign that encourages Busey associates and customers to donate generously to benefit local neighbors in need through giving drives held at each Busey service center;
  • Small free libraries: a partnership to promote literacy by building and installing small free libraries in 15 Busey service centers in the institution’s five regions;
  • Community Promise Month: an annual celebration during the month of April dedicated to honoring associates’ passions, encouraging local engagement and maximizing Busey’s impact in the communities it serves; and
  • Community Connection in Busey: a formal community engagement program that invites associates to learn from partner nonprofits about opportunities to connect more with their communities.

Naperville resident and Busey Bank Director Scott Wehrli was also delighted to note the recognition by the IBA for “our commitment to community development and volunteerism.”

Wehrli cited support for local initiatives such as the Summer Sculpture Series, organized by the Downtown Naperville Alliance.

“‘Cruising into Summer’ is a 2022 project in which we partnered with Metea Valley High School students to create the unique truck parked outside Busey’s Downtown Service Center in Naperville,” Wehrli said. .

“Cruising into Summer” is a project in which Busey partnered with Metea Valley High School students who painted a pickup truck sculpture to depict seasonal fun now on display along with 15 other artworks in downtown Naperville.

Busey Bank Bridge Scholarship

Wehrli adds that Busey Bank provides financial support for continuing education efforts for applicants of all ages and educational backgrounds through the Busey Bank Bridge Scholarship.

“Also recognizing the young people of the area, we are proud to offer the Busey Bank Bridge Bursary Program which supports local students looking to further their education,” said Wehrli. “Applications for scholarships are currently being accepted until June 30. Together, we are creating a positive impact in our vibrant and thriving community, a place where we are proud to live and work.

For more information on the Busey Bridge Scholarshp program, click here for the direct link to apply.

Find the Busey Pickup located at the corner of Main and Water Streets across from the Busey Bank in downtown Naperville.

150 years of service to communities

Busey has been proud to give back to communities for over 150 years, doing the right thing for customers and building trusting relationships that span generations. Working with its communities to support the arts, advocate for our youth, and help neighbors in need, Busey fills the need by providing financial capital through monetary contributions and guidance, human capital through energetic and committed volunteers, and a social capital through leaders at the table to champion sustainable business and development practices within our communities.

Since 2015, Busey associates have donated 50,000 hours of their time to hundreds of community organizations, while the organization’s charitable donations total over $1 million annually. More than half (53%) of Busey’s top contributions in 2020 were CRA qualified donations – supporting the critical needs of every community through scholarships, youth programs, advocacy rights, food insecurity, shelter and more.

To learn more about Busey’s dedication to the communities he serves, visit