Community service

Brixner students pledge community service to help local boy

School joins Sparrow Club to raise money for medical bills for 2-year-old Jubal

Students at Brixner Junior High School adopted a ‘sparrow’ last week, pledging to volunteer 300 hours of community service to raise money for Jubal, 2, a boy from Klamath Falls who was seriously injured in an accident.

With the help of Sparrow National Club Program Director Matt Sampson, Brixner students launched the effort at an assembly last week. Kena Sampson, Southern Oregon director for the Sparrow Clubs, broadcast the event live for Jubal’s mother, who was in Portland in the hospital with her son.

The goal is to provide emotional and financial support to Jubal and his family. Sparrow Club sponsors donate money to family for community service hours Brixner students sign in on behalf of Jubal.

“It’s about empowering young people like you to make a difference in the lives of young people who need medical care,” Matt Sampson told the students. “It’s about you serving others to unlock the money for Jubal’s family.

Student council members, along with teacher and counselor Kjaersti Roberts, are leading the way. This is the second time the school has participated. Sparrow Clubs contacted Roberts in January 2020, asking if the school would be interested in adopting then 8-year-old Caiden Zimmermann. She saw it as a great way to help a local family and allow students to be part of something bigger than themselves.

“We spend a lot of time focusing and teaching character development and community building,” Roberts said. “I believe that students have a lot of potential to make a difference. Just unlock it. Adopting a sparrow means that we as a school community can focus on helping someone else, and when that happens there is a trust that develops. Our students have the opportunity to be resourceful, compassionate and empathetic, and to lead by serving others.

As a member of Sparrow Clubs, the school is committed to performing required community service. Students fill out and submit vouchers for their hours, and a sponsor then matches those hours with a cash donation to the Sparrow family.

Brixner eighth-grader and student council member Liz Henderson is willing to get involved and volunteer her time to help, and she’s thrilled the entire student body has gotten involved.

“I think it’s amazing,” she said. “It’s the school coming together to help a little boy we don’t know because it’s the right thing to do.”

Brixner Junior High School’s student council poses with a sign for Jubal.

A photo of Jubal before the accident.

Jubal’s first day of physical therapy. He has just started a six-week hospitalization program and is doing better than expected.

During the assembly, the students watched a video about Jubal and his family. Jubal’s mother watches the assembly via live video from a smart phone.