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Brandon Hughes Makes Motion to Avoid Jail by Enrolling in Community Program; prosecutors say it would be “elitist” | Crime News

State prosecutors disagreed and called the argument made by Hughes’ attorneys “elitist” and said if the motion was approved by the court it would show “favoritism from the court”. ‘elite,’ according to the state’s response to the defense motion filed. September 9.

“[Hughes] engaged in a pattern of public corruption and perjury. For these crimes, the CCP is neither sufficient punishment nor a realistic deterrent, ”the state response said. “On the contrary, the only real punishment with a deterrent effect would be to force Hughes to serve the prison portion of his actual sentence. Accordingly, the state respectfully requests that the Court dismiss Hughes’ request to serve his sentence at the CCP and order him to jail him immediately.

State prosecutors also said Hughes should be embarrassed after losing his job as a district attorney and his license to practice law, and that these were “collateral consequences of Hughes’ behavior, not punishment. “.

Hughes, 46, attended the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on November 8, 2020, on multiple felony charges, which included five counts of using a post for personal gain, one count of conspiracy to commit theft and a first degree count of perjury. Hughes was indicted on the seven counts by a Lee County special grand jury on November 6, 2020.

Hughes initially pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him, but after the second day of the trial he pleaded guilty to first degree perjury and one count of using his public office for personal gain. and accepted a three-year sentence on both counts.