Community meeting

At a community meeting, attendees share events they’d like to see along the University Avenue Corridor – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS – A second community meeting for the University Avenue Corridor project allowed participants to talk about the events they would like to see take place in and around the corridor.

Participants at Wednesday’s meeting were able to speak in small groups to share some of the events they would like to see adopted for the corridor.

One suggestion was to hold a progressive block party, where various activities would take place at different locations along University Avenue. Some other ideas included the possibility of reviving past events, such as the Potato Bowl parade down the hall or the return of the fry, held during Potato Bowl week.

Another: Organize some kind of welcome event in August, encouraging university students and residents to meet. At the same time, could be an event for returning students, with games, live music and food trucks.

Additionally, creating a neighborhood association would “generate energy and passion to get things done,” one person suggested.

University Corridor is the area that runs along University Avenue from Columbia Road to North Third Street. It has been at the center of community efforts to better link the city core to the university.

At the end of the meeting, tasks were created for attendees and group organizers to work on for the next meeting. Among them: reviewing permits required for block parties, finding out what other events may be happening in the area at the time, and brainstorming ideas for what the food should be at events.

Participants agreed that hosting events would help build community, which was one of the top priorities identified at last month’s meeting. Other priorities that will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting include safety along the corridor – such as the assessment of speed limits, better street lighting and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians – as well as the beautification of the corridor.

The next community meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29 in the University Lutheran Church parlor. Those who were unable to attend Wednesday’s meeting but would like to get involved can contact the organizers by email at [email protected]