Community service

Ashburn Chemical Technologies donates to Christian Community Service Center

Ashburn Chemical Technologies recently donated essential products to the Christian Community Service Center (CCSC).

“The ‘Six Cs’ of Ashburn’s culture define everything we do and how we work together to serve others: Consideration, Customer Needs, Continuous Improvement, Cash Flow, Community and Common Sense,” says Eric Heinle , president of Ashburn Company. “It is this commitment to community service and to supporting the communities in which we live and work that has driven Ashburn’s desire to become involved and partner with CCSC in the mission to serve the poor, hungry , the disabled and other needy in Houston.”

CCSC is a non-profit, community-based organization serving Central Houston. CCSC was incorporated in 1980 and since then CCSC has grown to encompass a coalition of 39 churches united in service. CCSC’s mission is to serve the poor, hungry, disabled and other needy while respecting their religious, ethnic or cultural differences.

“We are extremely grateful for Ashburn’s donations of sanitizer and hand sanitizer. These items will help us keep employees, volunteers and the community we serve safe,” said Lydia Bias, Director of Emergency Services-Central.

With over 1,000 volunteers, CCSC currently provides services through the following outreach programs: Emergency Services-Central, Emergency Services-Southwest, JobNet, Martha’s Way, Caregiver Training Program at-home professionals, Jingle Bell Express, Back to School and The Louise J. Moran Eye Care Program.

Ashburn was able to donate several cases of hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers as well as 20 cases of sanitizer to help keep CCSC customers safe. “I am so proud to work for an organization that is involved in the community,” says Julie Bodine, vice president of marketing at Ashburn Chemical.

CCSC was founded through a grassroots effort started in 1977 by Dean Robinson, a diaconal minister on staff at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. In 1980, six churches (St. Luke’s United Methodist, St. John the Divine Episcopal, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, Central Presbyterian, Bethany Christian, and St. Stephen’s Episcopal) incorporated to create CCSC as a nonprofit corporation. Texas nonprofit.

The CCSC has flourished and grown over the years, with programs developing and adapting to the changing needs of the community. Yet, the organization’s founding mission and values ​​remain stable, and in recognition of this, the Board of Directors has finalized the statement below to codify the unique CCSC culture. To learn more about how you can get involved and support this effort, click here.