Community meeting

Almont Drive Cul-De-Sac Community Meeting Explores Conceptual Designs

This West Hollywood town hosted a community meeting yesterday to present community members with concept designs for the neighborhood to review and provide feedback on the Almont Drive cul-de-sac located on Almont Drive in the driveway Melrose Ave. The community was presented with two alternative plans.

The West Hollywood West Residents Association reports that residents who voiced their opinions supported the No. 1 alternative plan for Almont Drive cul-de-sac transformation at yesterday’s community meeting.

Alternate Plan No. 2 had a splash of color-painted asphalt paving at one of the crosswalks, along with painted bollards replacing the current chains. Plan #2 also offered permeable concrete for the parking spaces.

Residents liked the simpler, less fanciful Alternate Plan #1 with matching cobblestones across the lane and across Almont. Bollards (which can be lowered remotely by emergency vehicles when access is needed) would replace the current chain, and new large planters with low-growing trees would sit on leveled concrete platforms. The sidewalks from Melrose to the cul-de-sac would be redone and a few benches were offered along the way.

Some residents have expressed concerns about the benches and a suggestion to replace them with chairs has been raised. Replacing the chain with bollards made some neighbors uncomfortable because it would then allow motorcycle access through the cul-de-sac. But city officials have pointed out that the Almont Drive is a designated bike path and the bike crossing should be considered.

City staff took notes. Further reviews and adjustments can be expected before this project is presented to City Council at a later date for approval. Completion is scheduled for 2023.

Residents are encouraged to provide comments and suggestions on these design proposals by contacting Walter Davis, City Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Specialist, at (323) 848-6328 or [email protected]

West Hollywood West is the residential area between La Cienega Boulevard and Doheny Drive and Melrose Avenue and Beverly Boulevard. The West Hollywood West community comprises approximately one thousand residences.

West Hollywood West Residents Association (WHWRA) is a non-profit organization made up of residents living in the West Hollywood West community of the City of West Hollywood. WHWRA’s goal is to protect the integrity and quality of life in the West Hollywood West neighborhood.