Community meeting

A series of burglaries prompts the community to come together with law enforcement in Wells

Since November, according to the police, several homes and businesses have been broken into. Four people were arrested.

WELLS, Maine – The traditionally quiet town of Wells has been the victim of a series of robberies and burglaries at local businesses and homes since late November.

According to information shared by police, anywhere from $150 in cash to over $10,000 in cash and merchandise was stolen.

“The City of Wells, in my view, has become a victim of circumstance,” Wells Police Chief Jo-Ann Putnam said.

Putnam and York County Sheriff William King were present at the Wells Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Tuesday evening to help address community questions and concerns about the incidents.

According to Putnam, four people have since been charged with theft-related crimes in connection with the series of burglaries.

Police say businesses including Breton’s Bike & Fly Shop, Bistro at R&R Chocolates and Congdon’s Donuts were broken into, along with vehicles parked in the Hannaford car park and various homes in the town. Many of these incidents took place along Route 1, also known as Post Road.

“There’s never been anything like this before, since we’ve been living here,” said Linda Marciano, a 19-year-old Wells resident who attended Tuesday’s meeting. “It was very safe and we love the small town, but it’s ridiculous now, what’s going on.”

Last week, the Wells Police Department shared a detailed log of social media crime incidents and arrests on social media.

Press Release: Log of Arrests 26/11/21 – 11/01/22 On 26/11/21, officers responded to Breton’s Bike and Fly store located in…

posted by Well Police to Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Following this message, many members of the community expressed their concern about recurrences. One of those charged in the series of burglaries is 27-year-old George Roberts. Roberts, who currently lives homeless, faces multiple charges related to the burglaries.

King told NEWS CENTER Maine that due to COVID-19 and significant staffing shortages, the prison is working to hold fewer residents.

“We have an admission modification policy. We only take people for crimes against people, and burglary generally does not reach that level of incarceration,” Sheriff King said.

King added, however, that if the jail or sheriff’s office is asked by a local police department to detain an individual due to public safety concerns, an exception to this policy can be made.

Following multiple theft charges, Roberts is currently being held in York County Jail on $5,000 bond.