Community program

A new community program for city tutoring

Jen Olson

A new tutoring and education program has been created to help students in the Storm Lake area meet graduation requirements. Tutoring The Town is an idea brought to life by program coordinator Nancy Jensen and Pastor Kiboko Kiboko of Storm Lake United Methodist Church.

Jensen and Pastor Kiboko started Tutoring The Town because of what they saw in their own community of Storm Lake. They saw many students who were going to be unable to graduate from high school due to poor grades. Storm Lake High School’s graduation rate as of 2020 is currently the lowest rate since 2014. In 2020, the rate was 87.5% compared to 2014’s rate of 86%. This meant that many students would not be able to pursue an academic future and would cut off potential opportunities.

“Our intention is to do this tutoring,” explains Pastor Kiboko. “Why? Because we want to equip these kids with tools that will last forever.

The Tutoring The Town program aims to bring former educators from the local community together in one space with students who are struggling to graduate and help them learn how to work for better grades. The program is located in the Storm Lake United Methodist Church, which has multiple classrooms and a recreation area to allow students to come in, do their work, and have fun too.

Tutoring The City is looking to get more people from the community to volunteer or contribute in some way. A live Tutorthon (telethon) will air April 24 on local cable access channel 3 to give Storm Lake residents the opportunity to volunteer hours for Tutoring The Town.