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75th Annual Memorial Day Community Service and Parade in Philmont | Local announcements

PHILMONT – Philmont’s Minkler-Seery American Legion Post 252 announced that the 75th Annual Memorial Day Community Service and Parade will be held on Memorial Day May 30. This year marks the 103rd anniversary of the Minkler-Seery American Legion Post in Philmont.

A special project was undertaken by the American Legion in Philmont, which was the Home Town Hero Banner program. Legionnaire and President Montie Jennings had this project going for a year, but COVID held it back. He introduced the program to the American Legion and the program moved forward. President Jennings began contacting local families who had military members who had served or were still serving in the military in the Philmont/Mellenville area.

Once word got through the outgoing letters and social media, orders for local hometown heroes started rolling in. As of this Memorial Day, 70 banners have been sponsored by families, American Legion friends and local businesses. President Jennings contacted the Village of Philmont DPW Supervisor and, along with the Town of Claverack DPW Supervisor LaMont, Highways staff from the Village of Philmont and the Town of Claverack helped install the banners that line Main Street , Maple Avenue, Summit Street, Church Street and Mellenville.

Many families have requested that their military family member be placed near the homes where they once lived or where they still live. The Guy Minkler and John Seery banners are placed near Memorial Park on Main Street, from which the post was named. Veterans who have been killed in the line of duty are also on poles near the park.

The American Legion welcomes the Village Residence and visitors to the Village to walk down Main Street and read all the banner names and our rich history.

Minkler-Seery Post 252 will honor the veterans who gave their lives for us with a service in every cemetery and at the Village Memorial Ball Pit, starting 6 p.m. May 27 at the Main Street Ball Pit. .

The 75th Annual Memorial Day Parade and Service will be held on May 30. The parade will line up at 8:30 a.m. on Maple Avenue and descend at 9:00 a.m. The parade will descend Main Street to the Memorial Park where the service will be held.

The guest speaker will be LTC (retired) Stephen May. He has 32 years of combined service, four years of active enlisted service in the USMC from 1966 to 1970, and 28 years of commissioned service in the New York Army National Guard. He has been a 24-year member of the American Legion at Philmont.

The parade will include members of Minkler-Seery Post 252, officials from the Town of Claverack and Village of Philmont, the Taconic Hills Band drum line, Girl Scouts and other youth groups, and the fire companies of the town of Claverack.

The American Legion Post will have decorated approximately 960 graves by May 27 with the help of local Girl Scouts. Sometimes burial sites are missed because an engraver is no longer there. If a community member notices that their loved one’s grave is undecorated, they are encouraged to call President Jeff French.

We, the Philmont American Legion, would like to ask everyone to display their American flag to express their gratitude to our veterans.

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