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60 less privileged people in Mafe Dedukope receive free community service training from NGO

Free community training

Sixty young people from the Mafi Dedukope community in the North Tongu district of the Volta region of Ghana received free vocational training on Saturday, September 24, 2022 with the aim of making them employable.

True Worshipers Prophetic Dance Ministries (TWPDM) is a non-governmental organization founded September 1, 2013 to adapt evidence-based intensive support models to provide housing for homeless and at-risk youth and create opportunities to transform the current continuum of care. from managing homelessness to ending homelessness.

The NGO also volunteers in schools, orphanages, hospitals, prisons, villages and religious organizations to share lifesaving knowledge and skills.
The NGO’s vision is to drive and support change for homeless and at-risk youth and society.

TWPDM envisions permanent systemic change in Ghana’s social protection system that strengthens the livelihoods of all homeless and at-risk youth and transforms the current continuum of care from managing homelessness to end of life. roaming.

Its main mission is to help the homeless, and one of its distinguishing features is to reach children in underserved communities to change their lives.

The training initiative is part of the True Worshipers Prophetic Dance Ministries outreach program aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy and unemployment in disadvantaged communities in Ghana.

TWPDM has been in the charitable sector since 2013 and has impacted the lives of over 1000 deprived people consisting of the disabled, prisoners, street children, widows and unemployed youth.

The way forward for the faith-based NGO is to set up a state-of-the-art vocational skills center to be able to help people in the Volta community, Ghana and West Africa in general. The NGO intends to get people off the street and bring them to the establishment to train them.

In an interview, Minister Vincent Anowie (founder and chairman of the NGO) said that the one-day training program is integral to the Christian organization’s contribution to addressing the socio-economic challenges facing Ghana. confronted.

In her words – “We are doing this because there are a lot of teenage pregnancies in this particular community. We want to make sure we eradicate teen pregnancies in this community, so we do our best to help them. We are in the process of developing a very large project called Tent Project which will house 500 street children and train them in various trades in order to strengthen their ability to earn a living.

In our quest to strengthen the livelihoods of disadvantaged populations, we focus on unemployed youth, widows, street children and people going through difficult times.

The training covered 4 areas – fabric making, baking, detergents and bead making. All participants presented certificates and the top 8 trainees received materials and tools to use as start-up capital. The Founder used the occasion to call on other faith-based organizations in Ghana to come together to strengthen national development in the country.

Speaking at the event, the leader of Mafi Dedukope, Torgbui Dedu IV expressed deep gratitude to the NGO for the initiative while observing that the training will go a long way in reducing poverty among its subjects.
Beneficiaries praised the NGO for devoting time and resources to sharing useful knowledge with them. They promised to apply the skills learned to build their livelihoods.