Community service

48Hours of 4-H and community service

Michelle Beran is the 4-H Youth Development Officer in the Cottonwood Extension District.

Community service and good citizenship are the hallmarks of the 4-H program! 48Hours of 4-H is a statewide service challenge. This challenge encourages 4-H clubs and families to see how many hours of community service can be completed statewide during the second weekend of National 4-H Week.

The 4-H families of Cottonwood-Barton undertook several projects this past weekend and watching their teamwork to serve others is heartwarming! A large group gathered at the Cottonwood Extension Office to bake cookies, complete with hand-drawn thank you cards, to local police and fire departments, municipal offices and our county dispatch office by Barton. From the parents guiding the little helpers rolling out the cookie dough or handling the hot pans to the guys handling the dishes, it was so much fun to hear their laughter and teamwork to do something kind for others .

Another great group of volunteers gathered at the 4-H Educational Buildings to pick up litter, spread a pile of gravel, and complete several general clean-up projects! It was good to see the families spring into action to see what they could do and how they could complete tasks together!

One of our 4-H project areas is civic engagement and while that means learning how our communities function and can include government functions, a big part of this project is learning how every young person can have an impact. on his community! Helping young people understand that they can help their communities not just survive but thrive is an exciting part of this project. It reinforces that each of us has a responsibility to help our communities be better and stronger.

How can you model positive community involvement or community service? Be sure to share this experience with a young person in your world

Keep learning. Continue to show grace and kindness.

Michelle Beran is the 4-H Youth Development Officer in the Cottonwood Extension District. For more information on this article or other 4-H youth development resources, email Michelle at [email protected] or call Cottonwood Extension District – Barton Office at 620-793-1910.